Walking Boldly in Our Identities as Sons and Daughters

Diane Sookyoung Lee

Session 1C, 11:20am, Room 106


Adoption has become one of the prominent ways of “doing family” with growing numbers of orphans worldwide. Findings show the importance of identity development as well as family cohesion in shaping a child’s mental health. Results illuminate Paul’s discussion of the new identity found in our spiritual adoption as beloved sons and daughters of God the Father. In this talk, I draw from research findings, the Bible, and personal testimony to show the significance of finding and walking in one’s true identity. I furthermore highlight the importance of individuals who are willing to embody Jesus in His redemptive work of re-establishing identity and connecting spiritual orphans to their family.


Diane is an Assistant Professor of Child Development in the College of Education at California State University, Sacramento. She attended Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education for her Ph.D. in Developmental and Psychological Sciences. Her research interests include the resilience of at-risk children and youth from diverse cultural backgrounds, focusing on issues related to immigration, poverty, and adoption. She is currently a board member at the GreenHouse Community Center in Sacramento and her scholarship has been paired with her service at international organizations that care for underserved children, including Holt Ilsan Residential Care Facility for Special Needs Orphans in South Korea and Mi Casa’s Children’s Home in Mexico.

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