Value and Purpose: Teaching Youth Around the World to Use Technology

Sherol Chen

Session 1C, 10:40am, Room 106


With technology in this day and age, we are more connected than ever. Despite many similar institutions among nations, the way we educate the next generation is unavoidably influenced by our cultural context. So, given different cultures among the same socio-economic class, how do the next generation of engineers and designers learn and understand technology? This talk will present the experiences of teaching 6th-12th graders from all over the world at Stanford University and abroad and will present insight in regards to what different countries value in their education and it’s accessibility. While this course is often variations on Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Game Design, I hope to teach students how to use their voice well towards having impact in their communities and beyond. Knowing that no matter what a person’s circumstances are that value comes from the unconditional Love that they all have, and the unconditional Love that they will always be able to give, I teach children to use technology to live for the best possible world they can dream up in their lifetime.


I research the use of Artificial Intelligence in expanding the possibilities of storytelling in video games. In addition to having a crush on Super Mario, I fell in love with video games at the age of 5 and have since developed for research and for fun. I’m also a game and culture blogger, doing other projects such as video journalism for the game industry and author for game and culture books. I’ve prototyped, designed, and consulted for independent games. In education, I’ve taught game design, robotics, programming, and Artificial Intelligence from middle school to the college level, and through Stanford University have taught students from all around the world.

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