How Sci-Fi and Fantasy can save Christianity?

Carl Varnado

Session 2C, 1:40pm, Room 106


Over the last 30 years, there have those who have seen the faith movement compete with the entertainment industry over the hearts and minds of the youth in this country. Faith Leaders have complained about the amount of sex, drugs and violence in the entertainment industry (gaming, comics, television and film) while the entertainment industry complains about the dogmatic principalities of religion. In the last 10 years, we have seen a shift in churches producing their own content (God’s Not Dead, Fireproof, Courageous) which have been met with a warm reception at the box office and home video. This talk is a call to action for Christian content makers to take the next step. We need not only new christian dramas, but also new approaches to biblical classics as well as contemporary ideas. The bible mentions dragons, fallen angel offspring, behemoths, Leviathans, and a chariot made of fire. It is time for the Star Wars generation to reimagine some of these interpretations for a generation who grew up with Lord of the Rings and the Matrix. Perhaps then we can bridge the gap between those in the pulpit and those at Comic-Con.


Carl Varnado is an adjunct professor at Grand Canyon University and Media Arts Instructor at Rancho Solano Prep in Scottsdale AZ. He has written several faith based projects including his upcoming graphic novel, “The Lost Book of Kings” Mr. Varnado has been a speaker at the Alpha Omega Con, Black Enterprise African American Festival, Phoenix Comic Con and the Game Developers Conference. He was a founder of the Christian Prayer Group at the Game Developers Conference and holds dual master’s degrees Media Management and Education respectively.

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