Maximize Physical & Spiritual Potential

Russell A. Smith

Session 1C, 11:00am, Room 106

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As Resistance Training is needed for physical improvements, God knows perfectly how much spiritual resistance (stress-trials) we need and can handle to develop our spiritual potential. Optimal nutrition, hydration, and periodic rest are also important to rejuvenate, regenerate, and cleanse. Such is needed for all our human passions, performances, energy, longevity, and to offer good object lessons to prioritize the spiritual body. This is also relative to my greater gift and passion for Judeo-Christian Apologetics, with a daily spiritual hunger & thirst. My occupation at Google offers me such opportunities to arise on occasional personal levels too, with the mindset that the Old and New Testaments are perfectly compatible into One Holy Inspired Book. Daily “spiritual” good food, water, and exercise are needed to maximize our spiritual potential with all other gifts of the Spirit as well.


I have been a Personal Trainer and Endurance Coach for many years, as my full-time professional career change since 2006, working at Google in Mountain View since 2007. Relative to this, I have published a book on Amazon titled Playground Exercises For Parents Too, with supportive website. Secondly, I have founded a free learning ministry website “as a light” in cyberspace as possible, as a bridge of free education, heal the wounds, and unify non-prejudice religious Jewish people and sincere Christian believers, as well as everyone else who wishes to be “grafted into” the same Body-Family for all eternity.

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