Loving our neighbors and the least of these online

Gary Belvin

Session 2C, 1:20pm, Room 106


The silicon valley makes technology that’s used around the world, but is it safe? How can we love our neighbors and the least of these who find themselves in corrupt societies, or in an abusive situation? We’ll cover some existing ways tech companies are beginning to think about these problems, as well as current efforts and future ideas in the area of user security for vulnerable populations.


Gary Belvin is an engineer on the Google security team where he works on data center security and the End to End project to “make evil expensive”. These projects provide easy, robust, encrypted and authenticated services to all Google users. Prior to working at Google, Gary worked at the National Security Agency upgrading encryption protocols and developing software. Gary also provides pro-bono security consultations to humanitarian NGOs. Gary received an undergraduate degree in computer engineering from the University of Washington, Tacoma and graduate degrees in security informatics and national security policy from the Johns Hopkins University. Gary’s graduate work on encrypted text messaging secures Silent Circle messages and helped popularize a key-updating technique used by Signal and TextSecure

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