Going Wireless: The Graduate School Walk of Faith

Tammy Chang

Session 3B, 2:30pm, Room 112

Download: Podcast, Slides


Those who have been through graduate school know of the challenges it brings, whether it be mentally, emotionally, or physically. For Christians, it can also be a challenge to our faith, upon entering an environment that can often be critical of or repelled by the Christian faith, and when entering deeper into our field of study sometimes seems distant from the calling of Christ. In this talk, I will relate concepts from wireless radios to the lessons I have learned in graduate school about the Christian walk of faith, as a framework for looking at the general idea of Christian purpose. My hope is to encourage a reconsideration of purpose for Christians during periods of our lives where God’s intentions are less apparent.


I am a third-year Ph.D. student at Stanford. My research is focused on building millimeter-wave communication systems for 5G wireless systems. In the past I’ve worked on a range of projects, including antenna design, radio-frequency circuits, and system-level simulation and design.

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