Failure and Faith in Academia: How I lost tenure and found a new vocational calling

Steve Lee

Session 3A, 2:10pm, Room 114


This presentation will provide a reflection on my journey from being denied tenure in my faculty position, to God granting a new vocational calling in higher ed two years later. This journey has been filled with loss and failure, but also faith and discovery from God’s redemption and grace. Furthermore, current research that relate to success and failure will be presented: Duckworth’s grit, Dweck’s fixed vs growth mindset, and Dunning-Kruger effect. These research studies have not only helped my own spiritual growth, but also have informed my vocational work in training grad students and postdocs in their professional development. Thus God has granted a new vocational calling that has helped to integrate my faith with my professional career, and a renewed vision and skills towards working for social justice for those who are often underserved, underprivileged, and underrepresented–thus contributing to the redemption of people and systems in higher education.

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