Drawn Toward God Through Music and Chemistry

Justin Su

Session 2B, 1:00pm, Room 112

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Music and chemistry are pervasive in our lives and both have drawn me toward God in similar ways. Playing the Bach cello suites and also doing organic chemistry research in natural products synthesis- the synthesis of naturally occurring chemicals without the aid of biological processes- have inspired awe in me and have deepened my faith. Music and synthetic chemistry both arise from the orchestration of basic units in sequence- pieces of music are comprised of notes and syntheses are comprised of chemical reactions- that can come together to form remarkable works. I will elaborate on this connection and on how both playing the cello and doing organic chemistry research have helped deepen my faith in Christ.


Justin is entering his fifth year as a PhD student in chemistry at Stanford University where his research is focused on natural products synthesis and reaction methodology development. Justin received classical training on the cello through orchestra class in school and through private lessons from fifth grade until twelfth grade and one semester in college at UT Austin. In college he also played cello on the worship team of the Texas Wesley United Methodist campus ministry.

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